nedelja, 20. februar 2011

Jodi BIEBER: Debby

Jodi Bieber: Debby (Real Beauty)

“I felt a strong need to create a body of work that goes against what the media has depicted as beautiful. (…) The work deals with reality and no photoshop has been used to remove blemishes, scars, cellulite and any other form of ‘imperfection’, but also touches on fantasy.” Jodi Bieber

Jodi Bieber
Jodi Bieber (Vimeo)
Jodi Bieber (Visura Magazine)
Jodi Bieber (World Press Photo)
Jodi Bieber (Time)
Jodi Bieber (Wired)
Jodi Bieber (Independent)

četrtek, 17. februar 2011

Philippe HALSMAN: Salvador Dali

Philippe Halsman: Salvador Dali

"A true portrait should, today and a hundred years from today, the Testimony of how this person looked and what kind of human being he was." Philippe Halsman

Philippe Halsman (Wikipedia)
Philippe Halsman (National Portrait Gallery)
Philippe Halsman (Photoslaves)
Philippe Halsman (New York Times)
Philippe Halsman (YouTube)

sreda, 16. februar 2011

Bert STERN: Marilyn Monroe

Bert Stern: Marilyn Monroe (The Last Sitting), 1962

"Women especially ask me to take their pictures, because they think I’ll make them beatuful." Bert Stern

Bert Stern
Bert Stern (Wikipedia)
Bert Stern (YouTube)
Bert Stern (Guy Hepner)

Marilyn Monroe (Wikipedia)
Marilyn Monroe (Youtube)

Lindsey Lohan and Stern&Monroe (NY Magazine)